Blocked Drains, Blocked Toilets, and Blocked Sinks – A Guide to Avoiding Them

Hygiene is the topmost priority when it comes to keeping your house in order, especially with children and elderlies around. Therefore, blocked drains, toilets and blocked sinks are the last thing you would want to experience.

There are many ways you can easily avoid getting a blockage and keep a healthy environment. Some of the suggestions that you can follow for this are listed down below –

1 – Removal of Blocking Substances: The best way to avoid getting a blocked drain is first to circumvent any kinds of blocking substances, like hair, waste food, small toys, grease, etc., from getting into the sewer.

These substances can very easily cause drainage clogging and create a whole lot of mess. Therefore, be careful to remove any such substances from getting in the drains. 

If in case any of these substances cause the drains to block, you can call high-pressure cleaning services like Grit Ninja, who will send their best staff concerning –

  • Descaling services
  • Degreasing services
  • Drain unblocking and jetting
  • High-pressure cleaning services

2- Clearing out Plants Near the Drains: Sometimes, there can be some overgrowth of plants and trees in the lawn area, the roots of which can reach the drains and cause blocked outside drains. This can be very hard as the roots may even crack the pipes and cover the drain terribly for even water to pass through it. 

Thus, clearing out the outside area is very necessary in order to avoid this massive issue. Maintain your gardens regularly and especially the external drain area, cutting off any roots that may extend up to the drains.

3- Avoiding Disposal of Toiletries in Drains: Any variety of toiletries, be it toilet papers, nappies, wet wipes, sanitary napkins, etc., cause a big toilet clog which needs to be removed immediately. All these absorb water and increase in size, thereby blocking the drains. 

The best way to avoid a blocked toilet is – 

  • Throwing all toilet waste papers, napkins and nappies in the dustbins
  • Checking children if they are taking any toys that can fall in the drain and block it
  • Avoid putting any food items in the toilet
  • Disposing of used cigarettes in the dustbins or ashtrays rather than flushing them down the toilet

If followed in the right manner, all these measures can help you have a cleaner environment in your house, office, and public areas. Prevention is better than cure, but in the event, there is a need for a cure/treatment for unblocking the drains, you can call the most trusted companies of all in the UK – Grit Ninja, on +44 1959 928 913 and get timely assistance from their expert and professional staff. They offer the best Drain unblocking service and other services like chewing gum removal, post-construction cleaning, forecourt cleaning, etc.