Top 5 Suggestions for Office Cleaning in the Event of a Pandemic

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There are several unpleasant sides to the Coronavirus epidemic. Worldwide, people are becoming sick and dying, schools and colleges are temporarily staying shut down, healthcare practices are overwhelmed, people are losing their employment. Small firms have inadvertently gone bankrupt. Stock markets are plummeting tremendously. Governments are now obliged to spend millions and billions on medical relief to get rid of this bone of contentment.

And Covid-19, whether directly or indirectly, is a dominant stressor that is rattling our psyches and arousing our concerns and fears. However, well-being is a subject of mattering among them all, especially for those who can work. They, at any cost, must be protected and remain healthy throughout the pandemic to avoid spreading the virus to others or becoming ill.

There are important rules for maintaining a COVID-free working environment in order to prevent the spread of this highly infectious illness.

Perform Fogging

Fogging is a disinfection method that uses a little mist to administer disinfectants. This approach extends throughout all interior areas and minimizes the number of microorganisms in the air, and reaches regions that are difficult to make contact with. Prior to using the fogger, close open doors and windows and make sure the space where the fogger is used doesn’t include any people, pets, or sensitive plants. According to the research, fogging doesn’t have any adverse effect on human beings, making it one of the safest options for .

Wiping And Spraying

There are two cleaning alternatives – Wiping and Spraying. Wiping the surface involves wiping off with an industrial-grade disinfectant intended to eliminate the deadly virus from household surfaces. Apply the solution to the surface and let it rest for around 10 minutes in the open air before wiping it clean with fresh clothes. On the other hand, the sanitising solution sprinkles to the surface via spraying; allowing the spray to dry is essential for optimal efficacy. Both methods are great for cleaning any carpeting, whether it is in the office or at home.

Remotely Work 

If at all feasible, have your workers work from home. Working remotely not only enhances productivity, but it’s also an excellent method to limit or slow the spread of COVID-19, according to research. Every company has its carpet installed onto the floor, and the virus has a lower chance of spreading if there are fewer individuals in the office. When you don’t have to commute, remote workers have more time and fewer distractions, thus improving overall productivity. Beneficial for both individuals and businesses.

Air Purifier and Ventilator

If a Covid infected person is inside a workplace arena, inevitably, some virus will escape into the air. For advice on making indoor spaces safe during this pandemic, high-efficiency purification and air ventilation systems equipped with air filters are a great option to consider. These minimize the contaminants like germs, pollen, dust, and mold. Opening windows to allow fresh air in is also beneficial. Once the virus escapes into the air interior, bring in fresh air from outside or remove the virus from the air inside.

Hiring Pro Cleaning Team

Keeping your staff safe is the must-have business strategy every organization should take during this epidemic. Not only this holds your office personnel but also the staff that is in charge of cleaning the office interior at all moments. They may perform a great job, but a professional cleaning crew like I Shine Cleaning Services can reach all corners of the building and clean areas that conventional cleaning methods overlook. During this unexpectedly tough time, we are obliged to provide day-to-day cleaning services to all of our regular clients and further new ones. 


If you are concerned about the cleanliness of your Office or any other places like Corporate, Carpet, Cinema, Leisure, Industrial Cleaning during this epidemic, call I Shine Cleaning Services at 1300 004 744 or 0420 280 258 to guarantee that your house or workplace is expertly cleaned.