How to Remove a Harmonic Balancer Without a Puller?

A Harmonic Balancer is the main component of an engine, and its function is to absorb and get rid of the vibrations which are caused by torsional twisting of the crankshaft.

A large portion of the vehicles has a harmonic balancer. Because of the tension that the balancer conveys, the unit can break or separate. On the off chance that the front chief seal didn’t work well, it’s anything but an oil spill. This can be settled by a harmonic balancer removal

1- The Need for a Harmonic Balancer Remover: A Harmonic Balancer or Dampner Remover can be used for various reasons. The Harmonic balancer may not work to its fullest for some reasons because of which it may have to be replaced. Here are few causes as to why your Harmonic balancer may need to be removed and replaced –

Harmonic Balancer Remover

  • Replacement Due to Damaged Edges – The grooves of the outer ring may no longer be aligned because of the repeated movement. This results in damaged edges of the harmonic balancer. In such a case you will have to get it removed and replaced.
  • Replacement Because of Unusual Noise – Sometimes you may hear a squeaking sound that doesn’t go away on its own even after applying the dressing. This may indicate that your Harmonic Balancer may need a replacement.
  • Replacement Because of Malfunction – Malfunction of the harmonic balancer may occur when it fails to absorb all the engine vibration because of some internal damage. It may create serious issues if the harmonic balancer is not replaced at this point.

If you wish to know how to use harmonic balancer removal, you can visit G & G Technics website and see the entire process there. You can also take a look at the different Harmonic Balancer Remover there along with their description. 

2- Process of Removing a Harmonic Balancer – Harmonic Balancer Remover is the harmonic balancer removal tool with which you can easily remove it and replace it if need be. You can get one of these from the best company G & G Technics, USA. They offer the highest quality products at affordable prices and durability. In order to remove a harmonic balancer, you need to have few important accessories like – Gloves, wrenches, eyeglasses, screwdrivers, floor jack, jack strands, hammer, etc.

Process of Removing a Harmonic Balancer

Once you have all these, you can proceed towards the steps. 

  • You will have to first remove the serpentine belt to access the balancer. 
  • Remove the Center bolt using a socket, once it’s located
  • Get the pulley out of its place carefully
  • Use a durable strap to remove the harmonic balancer

Follow these steps carefully, using a harmonic balancer remover from G & G Technics, and remove the harmonic balancer.

Avoiding the use of a puller is an option but if it isn’t necessary then try to make use of the puller for best results. Adhere to the instructions given above, and you are good to go with removing the harmonic balancer without a puller. However, always remember the accessories important to remove the balancer before you actually start the process, especially the gloves, so that you have everything ready at hand.