The Benefits Of Investing In A Blast Chiller Or Freezer 

A blast chiller is an equipment that quickly lowers or cools down the temperature of food. Blast chillers are also called blast freezers or blast freezers. They usually have multiple shelves where food trays or baking sheets can be stored and refrigerated at extremely low temperatures. Blast chillers or commercial freezers work by blowing forced cooling air over the foods inside. These speciality freezers usually have different settings that can be selected depending on whether the food is at room temperature, cold or hot. This rapid cooling process reduces the number of ice crystals that appear on food. 

When defrosting food, large ice crystals melt and release excess moisture, which greatly affects the taste and quality of the food. Blast chillers and freezers also allow businesses and restaurants to purchase seasonal products that can be frozen for long periods. Seasonal ingredients and products placed in a blast chiller or freezer thaw very well and hardly lose their freshness, so they can be served anytime. 

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Commercial Freezer

Here are some concerns to think about when deciding whether or not to not invest during a Blast Freezer.

1- Cools Food quicker Than alternative ways

One of the benefits is that the blast fridge cools food considerably faster than other varieties of refrigeration equipment. In fact, despite the kind of food, it works in a fraction of the time that other units chill it to an equivalent temperature.

2- Prevents microorganism Growth on Food

Another advantage of using blast chillers is improved food safety. The faster you bring things down to cold or temperature reduction temperatures, the less risk of microorganism growth there is. As a result of ancient cooling, ways are therefore slow, microorganism will still develop in and on goods.


Stainless steel construction is a good choice because it is durable and easy to clean. It must be easy to clean using only soap and water. The radius of rounded corners on the inside makes it easy to clean the cooler. Door gaskets should be easily removable for cleaning, and freestanding models should have easy access to the condenser. Larger models must be constructed with 4 inch thick walk-in panels with polyurethane foam insulation in place. Blast chillers/freezers don’t come cheap, but the return on investment is high. Increased profits, peace of mind, savings in labour and food are just a few of the benefits you will enjoy.

Commercial refrigeration, or let’s say a Commercial freezer is an essential part of a successful business. By choosing the right blast chillers and blast freezers, you can ensure that your goods stay fresh and refreshed, saving you time and money.  Federal Hospitality Equipment supplies blast chillers from the best brands such as fast blast and Italia cool, ensuring that your ingredients and products are kept cold. All of their blast chillers and freezers are built from the ground up and finished in pure stainless steel, combining durability, cool storage and unit convenience. Complement your new blast chiller/freezer with our range of other quality commercial kitchen equipment from all of our top brands to keep your business up to date.