Which Types of Water Coolers Are Best For Offices?

Are you going to invest in installing a water cooler for your office? Then you are taking a good decision. It will help your staff access fresh drinking water; in this way, you can encourage people to stay hydrated throughout the day and increase their concentration level. So if you are a responsible boss, opt for the Office Water Dispenser Rental Singapore to feel the staff you care for them.

Office Water Coolers

What Are the Striking Benefits of Water Cooler?

Look at some key benefits of Office Water Dispenser:

  • Hot Water Safety Lock: Office Water Dispenser is featured with a safety lock to prevent the injury caused by your water disposal heating option.
  • Noise: Though all coolers emit noise when cooling, Office Water Dispenser has lower noise levels.
  • Leak-Proof: While opting for Office Water Dispenser , make sure your water dispenser is leakproof and prevents all types of contamination.
  • Thermostat Settings: Though temperatures in a Water Cooler are generally fixed within a limited range of variation, some Water Cooler Singapore can go higher and lower. It can be operated by the switches at the back to turn the hot and cold functions.

Know About the Different Types of Water Cooler Used in Offices:

There are different types of water coolers available in Singapore with various functionalities include:

  • Bottom Loading Water Dispenser: This type of Water Cooler is convenient because they require no heavy lifting, and you can easily shift the water bottle into the compartment.
  • Countertop Water Cooler Dispersers: This type of water cooler is a miniature version of either top loading water coolers or POU, Point of Source water cooler dispensers. It comes with inline water filters, which need to be near a point of the use water source.
  • Point of Use: This type of Office Water Dispenser requires a direct connection to a water source and a nearby power supply connection. It costs higher because this type of water cooler features additional high spec features, including ozone injection and UV light.
  • Top Loading Water Dispensers: If you are looking for the cheapest and most efficient dispensers for your office, you can Buy Water Dispenser, which is featured with top loading water. This type of water dispenser mainly depends on the power and force of gravity with no additional pump mechanism. The bottom of the top-loading water dispenser is also designed with a storage compartment.

Why opt for a Water Cooler?

A water cooler or water dispenser works by having a 5-gallon water bottle upside down on the top of the machine. It allows gravity and vacuum pressure to work efficiently in filling a glass when someone presses water spigot. It allows air to pass into the bottle so that water can come out into your glass. Thus it serves various purposes:

  • Water Cooler is similar to point-of-use water as it offers both cooling and heating options.
  • It is for those who cannot connect to the main water line.
  • It offers high quality filtered water.

Buy Water Cooler for Your Office:

If you want to ensure safety of your staff in your office, Buy Water Dispenser.