Know About The Different Types Of Commercial Refrigeration Before Starting A Food Business

The food industry is the one that perfectly mixes elements of art, cultural expression, personal passion and supply of the necessity that everyone also likes that everyone loves the food industry is your opportunity to create.

When opening a new restaurant, large freezers and refrigeration units will be needed to hold large quantities of food and spirits at the proper storage temperature. 

Commercial Refrigeration

There are many different types of commercial fridgescommercial freezers, and refrigerators are available in a wide range of sizes. Refrigeration units always involve some kind of ventilation for their compressor. Depending on the unit, this vent can be placed on the bottom or the side of the unit. It can also be found on top of some units.No matter where you want a business unit installed, you are sure to find the one that hosts your space and ventilation needs.

  • Reach-in Units – These are the most common in commercial kitchen equipment. This kind of commercial refrigeration is used for produce, sauces, condiments and garnishes, etc. Most kitchens use multiple units, one of which holds the items prepared for the whole week and another that contains the dishes and prepared items for the day. By storing them directly in the kitchen, speeds up preparation and serving times. 
  • Display Refrigeration – These kinds of fridges are used to showcase the products to the customers. There are open merchandisers that are used in grocery stores, display cases for bakery items, chocolate display storage, and there are salad and sandwich bars. All these are available online on The Source Federal Hospitality Equipment, at affordable prices.
  • Commercial Freezers – These are the most important commercial refrigeration for all commercial kitchens. They provide a large space to keep an immense amount of products in it for storage. They maintain the temperature that provides long-term preservation for your food. These are made up of stainless steel, which is a very easy material to clean and sanitize.

If you operate a restaurant, bar, or any type of commercial kitchen, you know how valuable a good commercial refrigerator can be. If this is your first time buying a commercial refrigerator or upgrading your current commercial refrigerator, now is a good time to research the different types of refrigerators available so you can choose the best type of commercial refrigerator for your kitchen. The Source Federal Hospitality Equipment has some of the best quality commercial kitchen equipment and is available on their website at low prices. You can check out the products and place your order there.