Here Are the Reasons Why Chocolate Is Good For your Health

Health Benefits of Chocolate

Chocolates are made from Theobroma cacao tree seeds and date back to the Olmec civilization in Mesoamerica. After the discovery of America by the Europeans, chocolate became very popular in the wider world with an exponential increase in its demand. As a very popular choice for dessert, chocolate has several health benefits that most people barely know about.

Here are some of the main reasons why chocolate is good for your health and why you do not have to feel guilty the next time you take a bite:


A study published in The Journal of Nutrition states that chocolate consumption might reduce low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol levels which are also known as bad cholesterol. The research was set to investigate if chocolate bars that have plant sterols and cocoa flavanols had any effect on cholesterol levels in the human body. The inference from the experiment was that the consumption of chocolate bars that contain PS and CF as a part of a low-fat diet can help improve cardiovascular health and blood pressure. 

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Healthy Brain

Some researchers have found that drinking two cups of hot chocolate every day can help maintain brain activity and reduce the chances of memory failure in older people. the hot chocolate helped improve the blood flow to certain parts of the brain that assist in memory retention. 

Additionally, research published in 2014 showed that a cocoa extract called Lavado can reduce or prevent damage to the nerve centers that are responsible for Alzheimer’s Disease. another study proved that the consumption of chocolate once every week can improve cognitive functions.

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Heart Disease

several autonomous researchers have found that the consumption of chocolate can reduce the chances of heart disease exponentially. based on observations the experiment concluded that high levels of chocolate consumption are directly linked to the reduction of cardiometabolic disorders. these studies conclusively showed that the consumption of chocolate is beneficial.

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an independent study conducted in Canada involved 44,489 participants that proved that one serving of chocolate every day reduced the chances of stroke by 22 percent. furthermore, the study also proved that consumption of two ounces of chocolate every week decreased the chances of death by stroke by more than 45 percent.

These studies comprehensively proved that the consumption of chocolate was directly beneficial to heart and brain health and reduced the chances of heart diseases or stroke substantially.

Fetal Development

The body works in mysterious ways during pregnancy. Daily consumption of 30 grams of chocolate during pregnancy can benefit fetal growth and development. This study was presented at a Maternal-Fetal Medicine In Atlanta, GA in 2016.

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