Carpet Dry Cleaning or Carpet Steam Cleaning: Which Is Better?

As one of the most popular floor coverings, carpet has many advantages to make your home warmer and more comfortable. Carpets have a variety of styles, textures and patterns, allowing homeowners to lay the floor flexibly. Living room, family room carpet can be placed almost anywhere in the house. There are business or factory areas also where floor carpets are used. IShine is one of the best cleaning services in Melbourne, that provide many types of cleaning services like factory cleaning, window cleaning, etc. You can contact them from their websites and get more information about the cleaning services.

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Pros of Carpet Flooring

Carpet flooring has its own set of pros like it gives a sense of warmth and comfort in the winter season or cold regions. Besides this, there is also safety with carpets as far as falls are considered. Homes with little children are especially safe with carpet flooring. Because of carpets, usual noise can be lessened as they also play a part in acting as a sound barrier.

Cons of Carpet Flooring

Carpet flooring can be very discomforting as well for some of the people because of its many cons like – high maintenance that is needed for the carpet floors. They can become very difficult to clean when food or beverage is spiled. You have to go to lengths to get it either dry cleaned or steam cleaned. It is also very sensitive towards dust and dirt. It attracts dirt very easily and it can also prove to be a hazard for those who have dust allergies or the like. Carpets also have a short life span, and they start getting damaged quickly by regular wear and tear. Because carpets increase the value of the home and give a luxurious look, it comes at a high price.

Types of Carpet Cleaning

There are various types of cleaning methods by which you can get your floor carpets cleaned. Let’s take a look at some of the methods –

Vacuum Cleaning – You can clean your carpets with the usual vacuum cleaners that are used at home or at shops. This can be done on regular basis and provides you with an easy-clean option. But sometimes this vacuum cleaning does not give a thorough clean to the carpet and even after a full cleaning, the carpet still looks somewhat dirty. The difficult stains like that of coffee, wine or blood do not go away easily and need either dry cleaning or steam cleaning.

Dry Cleaning – Only professionals like cleaning services can guarantee 100% cleanliness because they have modern equipment, various methods of cleaning other places, and proper cleaning to provide you with a safe and healthy environment. The most common and professional cleaning methods used by IShine are so popular and strong that they clean your carpet like never before.

This is the best and most durable company for dry cleaning of the carpet and also for carpet steam cleaning in Melbourne. This method of carpet cleaning is beneficial to homes and business owners because it requires very little water and moisture to dry faster. In terms of drying, carpets that have undergone this traditional cleaning method usually dry out within a few hours.

Steam Cleaning – This carpet cleaning method combines hot water with a chemical cleaning solution, which is expected to decompose dirt particles and remove them from the carpet. It however takes time to dry that is why it is a non-favourable method of cleaning for people who want to get their carpets cleaned for a quick event. IShine offers the best techniques for carpet steam cleaning here in Melbourne. Most of the chemicals in the detergent are washed into the drain. When the steam rises to the surface, very small steam molecules enter the pores of the human body. The steam molecules expand rapidly and powerfully to remove dirt and grease, detergents, bacteria and particles that are not naturally on the surface.

When the two methods of floor carpet cleaning are compared, the dry carpet cleaning method is the better option than steam cleaning because in dry carpet cleaning the process of drying is much quicker than in steam carpet cleaning. The longer it stays moist, the more likely it is to become sticky. Mould can also form, and the carpet can easily get soiled and soiled again. Therefore, dry carpet cleaning is much better than the steam carpet cleaning method.