5 Questions One Should Ask Before Hiring an Intellectual Property Lawyer in Melbourne

Hiring an IP lawyer to draft your patent and take care of all the problems related to your intellectual property can be a difficult task. The hiring process requires extensive research and understanding of all patent laws and law firms before bringing Commercial Law firms Melbourne into the fold.

Intellectual property law Australia refers to a unique idea or innovation that requires legal protection. Your idea deserves the best legal protection, but due diligence is an absolute requirement from your side. While there is a range of essential factors for you to consider when hiring an IT lawyer, we will talk about all the significant parameters that are to be considered for a successful hire of the best commercial lawyers in Melbourne.

Field Expertise

It is imperative that you hire an IP lawyer who has extensive expertise and experience in the relevant field. Hiring a commercial lawyer in Melbourne who has the required expertise will allow them to know all the possible embodiments of our idea and invention, which require coverage through the draft. According to the experiences, a client should refrain from hiring patent lawyers who practice on several business domains simultaneously as they might not be suitable for the job.


Confidentiality is the most crucial aspect of hiring an IT lawyer. Needless to say, one can easily steal a million-dollar idea before the patent is being granted. The best commercial lawyers Melbourne offer a confidentiality clause in their agreements every time. If a lawyer refuses to do so, it is best not to hire them at all.


It is a fact that you get what you pay for. When looking for a good lawyer who is well-versed with the privacy laws of Australia, it is best not to choose the cheapest option. Research and find out about all competitive rates in the patenting market and your industry. Meagre rates might be signs of incompetency or improper legal issues, which might cost you your idea.

Patent Prosecution vs Patent Litigation

The scenarios of both the technical and legal complexities are immensely proficient. While it is easy to file a new patent, suing the defaulter can require a rigorous legal process with a significant amount of human resources. Before hiring a patent lawyer, always ensure their speciality in both purposes.

Work Process

It can be difficult for a client to keep up with all the developments of their patent. A reputed commercial lawyer Melbourne will provide extranet access to you as your time is precious. You will not require tracking all updates and modifications every day when you hire a reputed IP lawyer for your patent.